Christmas Ornaments

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Handmade Christmas Decoration with a History
KopCup turns Grandma’s graceful laces into porcelain

Christmas is a time for nostalgia. Now you can celebrate with KopCup’s unique Christmas ornaments based on tradition and history. Made in elegant porcelain with a delicate print from Grandma’s laces, the handmade Christmas ornaments are reminders of the good old days.
The woman behind KopCup, porcelain designer Karen Skotte-Lund explains:
- The lace is an heirloom from my grandmother, who made it herself. When we were kids, this particularly lace was used to decorate the Christmas table, so to me it represents tradition and memories of the good old days.
Just as her grandmother’s lace, KopCup’s Christmas ornaments are handmade. The clay is kneaded, sliced, rolled out paper thin and cut out with small, traditional Christmas cookie cutters. The figures are then carefully placed between two laces and flattened with a rolling pin to get the prefect print. Then the figures dry and the edges are smoothened before the porcelain is burned at +1000 C°. Finally ready for Christmas!
The Christmas ornaments are perfect as elegant ornaments for the Christmas tree but will cheer up every place in need of cozy old nostalgia and Danish “hygge”! The Christmas ornaments come in boxes with an angel, a star and a heart, all attached to a red & white string.