Now in Colors and With Individual Design

Time for new stuff! KopCup takes a giant leap from the well-known graphic design series to new stoneware glazed porcelain with individual color combinations.
“I find that the expression of the stoneware glaze is much more up-to-date. Using my experience, I can select the glazes and colors that I know will fuse well to create new exciting colors and effects.  The glazes have their own life though so you never know precisely how things turn out. But that’s exactly what makes it so cool and charming, explains an excited Karen Skotte-Lund, ceramic designer and owner of KopCup.
The new products present a completely new side of KopCup. As the lively stoneware glazes melt they flow together and form a creative spectrum of colors that are never quite the same, turning the ceramics into personalities with their own individual expression. All are different so you can find your own favorite vase or jewelry with just the right colors and effects!
While KopCup turns on the colors the form and prices stay the same. The products always combine utility with decoration, and KopCup is known for its Nordic design where everything is based on the slender cylinder shape.
So, cheer up your everyday life with KopCup’s ceramics - colorful decoration and practical functionality combined in one!

Fairs 2014:
Gave & Interiør, Lillestrøm, Norway: 23-26/1, booth F01-33.
Nordstil, Hamburg, Germany: 26-28/7, booth 4.0 C68
(EH design import)
Gave & Interiør, Lillestrøm, Norway: 21-24/8, booth F01-33.
KopCup sells Quality from Work of the Vision Impaired

See my shared “team products” with Blindes Arbejde (Work of the Vision Impaired): Dishwasher Vase w/brush and Toilet Vase w/brush. This time I sell the entire product line from Blindes Arbejde, e.g. brushes and a hand drilled ball pen made from hard wood.
Blindes Arbejde, a well-established socio-economic company founded in 1929, employs skilled craftsmen who are vision impaired.  They work with brush and basket making, wood drilling and weaving. All products are handmade examples of genuine craftsmanship. The exceptional quality is obtained by the unique hands-on sense of detail possessed by people who see the world through their hands.

New product spring 2014: 

KopCup design gets a new twist.  Now the cylinder shaped cups are teaming up with a new, fresh and flat circle design – the KopCup plate.

Kopcup Complete for the Dining Table
With this expansion KopCup is stepping up to the plate by offering a complete series of KopCup dining service. Set the table with KopCup porcelain – cups, bowls and plates. Pretty for the eyes and practical for daily life and special occasions.
- The plate is deliberately made in a version that lands in between lunch and dinner plate size. It makes the plate versatile and helpful to control portion size for dinner, explains Karen Skotte-Lund, porcelain designer and owner of KopCup.

Serving platter or still life
Typcial KopCup style, the new plate is multi functional. Use it as a serving platter or arrange KopCup vases one the plate, creating your own still life!
The plate is available in the design series Ulrikke, Bertram and Graphic. As always a decorative design combined with practical durability. Of course it goes in the dishwasher!  Again smart with the smaller size taking up less room.
New product summer 2013: 


Now the entire bathroom can be decorated with KopCup. 
The toiletvase is designed as quality wine bottle.This design gets the brush out of the somewhat yucky water that always accumulates and it also extends the lifetime of the brush.
The toilet brush is handmade by skilled craftsmen from Blindes Arbejde, a socio-economic company in Denmark, which promotes the employment of vision impaired people.
New product winter 2013: 


I have tidied up in the kitchen with my dishwasher vase already. From this January on I will deliver the vase including dishwashing brush from Blindes Work Denmark. The brush is pulled by hand and consists of beech and horsehair which ensure good performance and longer life.
It is pulled by hand by expert brush binders from the Danish blinds’ work project. This association promotes employment for visually impaired people nationwide.

Take Counter Control with KopCup’s New Spoon Bowl

atb spoonbowl
Say goodbye to messy kitchen counters! With KopCup’s new spoon bowl you can take control. No more unorganized placing the spoon next to the stove in a splat of sauce, soup or stew while you are cooking. Now your spoon can be perfectly ‘parked’ in a practical spoon bowl. The spoon is kept in place, yet easy to grab & use. Once again an example of multifunctional kitchen ceramic from KopCup: Effective holder for spoons – or possibly soap – and pretty for the eye. All combined in one! The spoon bowl is designed like KopCup’s smallest stacking bowls, just in a shallower version. Available in all KopCup’s designs: Grafik, Ulrikke, and Bertram. The ideal ‘Just-Moved-In’ present or as ‘Congratulations-With-Your-New-Kitchen’ gift and as a little something to those still bowled over by kitchen stuff’s ability to combine decoration with utility! Suggestion: For super kitchen organization, combine with KopCup’s Dishwasher Vase!
Fairs 2013:
Gave & Interiør, Lillestrøm, Norway: 24-27/1, booth F01-39.
Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany: 15-19/2, booth E42, hall 11.0.
Gave & Interiør, Lillestrøm, Norway: 22-25/8, booth F01-39.
New products aug. 2012:
Please read more here
Fairs summer 2012: 
Formland, Herning, Denmark: 9-12/8, stand F 5328
Early Bird, Hamburg, Germany: 28-30/7, stand A4.Des.30+32
(At Early Bird you can find KopCup at Ebernickel + Holz Design Import GmbH)
New products aug. 2011:

Jewelry in a pretty witty way

My naïve children’s drawings has made it to jewelry!  
At several requests I now expand the “Ulrikke” and “Bertram” assortment offering a new series of jewelry. This time featuring one of Kopcup’s authentic children’s drawings – the dog.
The little happy dog is available as ear sticks, earrings, ring with leather strap, silver ring or necklace with porcelain attachment. As always, in Kopcup’s unique style – rustic, unpretentious and stylish. And now also loaded with humor and childish happiness!
The perfect gift for the animal lover, for the child wishing for the first jewelry or for the humorist who loves to show him/herself in a pretty & witty way.
Buy a single “dog” or put together your own “dog team”! 
Retail price 99-299 dkr.
Fairs 2012:
Formland, Herning, Denmark: 12-15/1, stand F 5148
Early Bird, Hamburg, Germany: 14-16/1, stand A4.Des.30,32
Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany: 10-14/2, halle 11.0, stand E45
(At Early Bird and Ambiente you can find me with Ebernickel + Holz Design Import GmbH)

New retailers 2011: 
Bryggen 15
5003 Bergen
Husfliden – Levanger
Håkon den Godes gt 15
7600 Levanger
Hr & Fru finds
Havnegade 12
9550 Mariager
Vesterbrogade 2a
1620 København V
New product aug. 2011: 
Sink Organizer Vase

KopCup Vase Do the Dishes the Decorative Way

Say goodbye to unattractive and messy kitchen counters! Kopcup’s new “Sink Organizer Vase” takes care of dish washing the pretty way!
Dish brushes and rags. We need them all the time and leave them right by the sink. Convenient - but not a pretty sight.Fortunately Kopcup’s new Sink Organizer Vase has room for both rag and dish brush. The slender vase provide them a practical and decorative spot on the kitchen counter. Right where you need them – yet beautifully tucked away!The Sink Organizer Vase is special designed with an open front that allows the rag and dish brush to dry between uses.The Sink Organizer Vase is Kopcup’s latest addition to the company’s line of accessories for the home. Everything is made from porcelain and decorated with Bordeaux colored graphic design. Always based on the philosophy: Why make daily life hard and dull when it can be functional and beautiful!The Sink Organizer Vase is available in 3 series: Graphic, Bertram and Ulrikke and is a perfect companion to other accessories from Kopcup.
Retail price 375 dkr.
Fairs 2011:
Early bird, Hamburg, Germany: 30/7-1/8 both A4.Des.31
Formland, Herning, Denmark: 18-21/8, both J7280
New retailers:
Les Fees, Paris, France
Tryllespejlet, Odense, Denmark,
Spirrevippen, Ribe, Denmark,

New product feb. 2011: 
Cream vase waiting for wine
My cream vase has grown up and is ready for wine! The new size is right for a bottle of wine. Combining smart design with creative art the vase is robust, easy to grap and multifunctional. Wine, milk, juice or flowers? Only your imagination is the limit! Comes in KopCup's usual lines: - the graphic or naive children's drawing.
Retail price 400 dkr.
3-6/2 2011: The Formland Fair "New Note" G5647
11-15/2 2011: Ambiente 11.0 E49
EH Design Import, Hamburg, is our distrbutor in Germany,
Switzerland and Austria.
Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany: 10-14/2, Halle 11.0 stand E45