Handcrafted Graphic Ceramic for any Occasion

Karen Skotte-Lunds background as a graphic designer shows in her handcrafted ceramic. The style is unpretentious. She works with just a few basic shapes, mostly the cylinder and cream colored. The decoration comes in Bordeaux color, typically in a simple graphic pattern that varies slightly but is based on the same idea.  
The exception is the series with the naive children’s drawings. This is something special. 
- It’s the real thing! I tried myself, but you have to be a kid to get it right and find the true naive line. So I ended up having my kids, Ulrikke and Bertram, draw the pictures!
- I like to see my things used everyday but they’re designed for parties and special occasions as well. Pretty and unpretentious and made for everyone. 
Karen Skotte-Lund is well known for her individual toothbrush vases but she also creates beautiful jewelry made in the same modest and clear-cut design. 

Now also with stoneware glazed porcelain with individual color combinations.
Ulrikke Bertram